Our purpose is to develop Artificial Intelligence with responsibility, enabling the wide distribution of knowledge, prosperity and well-being.

Some of the challenges we face today: sustainability, climate change, inequality and health, are beyond our power in size and complexity. We must scale our potential to find answers.



The Introduction to Machine Learning Course aims to make participants proficient with the fundamentals of data-driven thinking, with an emphasis on machine-learning techniques.

The course will provide the critical sense needed to determine if the chosen solutions have a real impact on your business.


To transform Machine Learning into value. This is our methodology that, based on the client’s strategy, mitigates the risks of implementing AI projects. We align business objectives, cultural adaptation, and technology to create value in the short, medium and long-term.

This transformation happens through a team of strategists in Artificial Intelligence, high-level engineering and a proprietary platform where we scale predictive models, always in the service of the client’s business.


Dynamic credit analysis

Using our AI-built credit model, a digital bank automated 100% of its process, granting 70% of requests. We used public data to avoid costly credit protection services, generating result and savings.

Medical Authorization

At one of the nation’s largest health care providers, with more than a million lives, our predictive system automated 46% of procedure approvals with 98% accuracy. It represents a productivity gain for the company and more satisfaction for the customer who does not have to wait for treatment or exams.

Credit Recovery

For the largest Brazilian homebuilder and real estate company, our system ranked which customers were the most likely to recover credit. The use of our score provided a greater recovery when compared to previous years.

Conversational Assistant

Kunumi won an international RFP for a virtual assistant for a large bank, competing with seven of the world’s largest global technology providers. We implemented a highly accurate response model that requires minimum human interaction.

Alzheimer’s Detection

We developed a highly performing, non-invasive model that estimates the risk of Alzheimer’s ten years in advance, opening up new avenues for the implementation of precision medicine.

20 years transforming technology into value

2015Grupo Linx acquires Neemu
2005Google buys Akwan
1999Grupo Folha acquires Miner

What’s in the press

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