Behy is an acronym for Beyond the Hype. It is anchored in our purpose of distributing knowledge and brings the provocation of debating Artificial Intelligence (AI) beyond the euphoria that exists on the subject.


Behy offers a perspective on AI through meetings and dynamics with expert professors and AI strategists who have extensive experience in business implementation.

In the theoretical dimension, BeHy Core aims to stimulate critical thinking about the role of Artificial Intelligence in our society, the main global trends and their effects on organizational culture and business, as well as technical introductions on the topic.

In the practical dimension, BeHy Craft consolidates and extends this learning into a practical project where the potential and limits of the technology are explored in the implementation of an end-to-end project pipeline, from identification to implementation and production.



Workshop for leaders focused on AI adoption, its impacts and portfolio mapping.


Workshop for stakeholders focused on the success of AI projects.


Intimate chat with our most senior executives to explore future scenarios and business strategy through the lens of Machine Learning. It’s like having an AI consulting for a very strategic theme.


Theory and Practice: Application of a challenge that was mapped out and prioritized in the Behy + Theory Interface.


BeHy methodology based on Kunumi’s many years of experience in the implementation and development of AI projects and on our team’s experience in various approaches such as Design Thinking, Sense Making, U-Theory, among others. 

The meetings are currently held online, but may soon return to the on premise option. Classes have limited spaces and are customized for the client/partner sector.

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