Child in a Tupi-Guarani dialect, the KUNUMI is a Brazilian pure-tech, the result of more than twenty years of work in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence (AI).


We are a Brazilian pure-tech company that produces Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge, solutions and products, aligning technological and scientific knowledge to accelerate the transformation of different market sectors.

Our purpose is to promote inclusion and prosperity through knowledge sharing and the responsible development of emerging technologies.

We want to help find solutions to complex problems by using Artificial Intelligence, while collaborating to make Brazil a technology-creating pole, not just a consumer of foreign technology.

From research to business

MINER (1996)
Acquired by Grupo Folha

AKWAN (2000)
acquired by google

NEEMU (2010)
acquired by the Linx group



Kunumi has always supported Science, bridging the gap between research and applied innovation in Brazil. Over the years, we have invested part of our margin in research projects developed in partnership with researchers and experts, applying state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to solve global challenges driven by positive impact.

There are more than 60 research projects of Artificial Intelligence with more than 36 publications in the areas of health, education, society, energy, climate change, justice and others.

+60 research projects
in artificial intelligence

+36 publications
In the most diverse areas