Introduction to Machine Learning

The course is designed for C‑Level, managers and strategic stakeholders who need to master the concepts of data science

Duration: 15 hours

We will demonstrate how machine learning techniques can improve decision-making.

Main topics:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning.
  • Development of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive models.
  • Experimentation, measures, guarantees. Good practices in Machine Learning.
  • A/B Testing of developed models
  • Visualization of data and models
  • Development Environments
  • Applying ML to Business
Belo Horizonte - Rua Prof. José Vieira de Mendonça, 770, sala 208. Engenho Nogueira +55 31 2516 4488. São Paulo - Rua Girassol 983 Vila Madalena +55 11 2338 4325.